April 05, 2014

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Ringed Teal

The Ringed Teal drake (Calonetta leucophrys) is a small duck with chestnut plumage on its back and has easily identifiable magnificent brownish red scapulars. Moreover, it has grey flanks and a black-spotted salmon pink chest. It displays a black band from its blue beak to its nape: that is why it is called ringed teal. The female has a duller plumage: dark brown on its body superior part and a little brighter brown on its inferior part with thin white feathers. Juveniles obtain their complete adult plumage when they turn one.

The ringed teal is from South America: Paraguay, south west and south Brazil, north east Argentina and Uruguay. It nests close to ponds as well as close to small streams, or else in tropical forests always close to water bodies. This species is very cold sensitive.

When it is two years old, the female ringed teal is ready to reproduce. The breeding period begins from March to July. The female usually lays 6 to 8 eggs that are sat on for 26 to 28 days. The drake plays a role in raising the ducklings, but it does not sit on eggs. Nevertheless, it carefully watches the nest, the female, and the ducklings.

The ringed teal species eats wheat, granules, and various invertebrates.