Security and Privacy

Privacy Policy

Ducks and Gifts pledges to protect your personal data and your private life. The submitted data and used only to fulfill your orders and to send you by e-mail Ducks and Gifts promotional offers.

The personal and private data you entrust us with by creating a profile and opening an account on Ducks and Gifts are only used to save you time when you order and to send you new information.

Privacy policy details:

Use of Collected Data

To submit an order, your name, your e-mail address, mailing, and billing addresses are necessary. It allows us to process your orders and to follow up on them while respecting our security policies.

Mailing and billing addresses are only remembered so you can use them again without a time limit between purchases. Ducks and Gifts will never use those recipient names and addresses for promotion purposes.

Your telephone and fax numbers are also requested in order to contact you quickly in case of an issue concerning your order content or delivery.

When you subscribe on Ducks and Gifts or when you leave a comment that needs our response, your e-mail address is necessary. This way, you will be able to access our services easily.

Furthermore, all this information is necessary if you wish to participate in one of our contests or to be advised of an exceptional offer.

We also use these data to enhance Ducks and Gifts' presentation and organization, to tell you about changes and new services on our site as well as to tell you about special offers that match your tastes. Data access is limited to a special employee group. Employees can only access these data within the purview of their work. If you no longer want to receive our informative e-mails, just unsubscribe by following the instructions in one of the email you received.

Protection of Your Private Data

When you purchase online on, your credit card information is securely communicated through Internet all along the transaction because of cryptography mechanisms (Secure Sockets Layer process) used by your browser as well as by PAYPAL stringently assures, when communicating information, credit card number privacy, data integrity control, and authentication of your Ducks and Gifts account as the issuer of the payment claim.  Moreover, none of your credit card data is kept by PAYPAL is the only one which has access to your credit card number in order to process it.

Our security measures are stringent when it comes to information archiving and disclosure to avoid unauthorized access. Therefore, it is possible that we ask you to prove your identity again before sending private data.


Cookies are data saved by a HTTP server on your computer hard drive to identify you. Our cookies do not convey private data and only allows us to do some operations like processing your orders or remembering products you have selected when browsing our site. Most browsers automatically allow cookies. However, you can refuse them by changing your "Preferences" on your computer. Even without cookies, you will be able to order and to access most promotions on our site.

Data Transmission to Third Parties

While ensuring the best privacy, Ducks and Gifts pledges not to disclose or merchandise any datum about you or about your purchase recipients to third parties, except for legislative restraints (court testimony, interrogation, petition for documents, appearance notice, civil investigative demand or similar procedures coming from the order of a court of competent jurisdiction, or to conform to imposed conditions applicable by a government agency or other regulators, or other lawful obligations).

Modify Your Data on

You can display and modify your private and preferred data (ex: your address) saved in My Account at anytime.

If you want to definitely erase your profile from Ducks and Gifts, you can contact our customer service at anytime by dialing one of the displayed numbers in the Contact Us section.

Ducks and Gifts has the right to modify its Privacy policy at anytime. If it happens, Ducks and Gifts will inform every person affected.